The Ghost Walk Photos

The Ghost Walk is an ongoing, site-specific, installation piece that explores memory, the spiritual and metaphoric creation of ghosts and ceremonial acts of forgiveness. Combining performance, found object reclamation, costume design, film and photography The Ghost Walk creates a meeting point between sculptural, media and the living arts. We create ritualized acts of healing by translating individual stories of trauma into an embodied narrative using symbolic imagery. We record these rituals through video and photography for an unspecified audience and later reveal them publicly as a relic designed to evoke our shared experience of holding onto and letting go of suffering, forgiveness and transformation.
The costumes for the Ghost Walk are created from 90% found material (i.e. garbage) collected from liminal, transitory and forgotten space. The purpose of using garbage is to transform a discarded and weathered object, revealing it as a thing of beauty that evokes common shared memory.

This project explores our vast capacity to weather tragedy and trauma through change. Suffering is often the catalyst for paramount achievement and revolution of the spirit. When we view our challenges through a metamorphic lens, experiences that might otherwise lead to deterioration can be transformational. Our work centers on the prefix re-, indicating repetition and meaning again. We reclaim, repurpose, reconnect, reinvent and ultimately reinterpret individual story into a physical vocabulary focused on embodying archetype, dream, and symbolic imagery. This translation allows the personal to be transformed into the language of the collective. It is our aim to create work that touches on this innate understanding of what is shared by all of us. Our “ghosts” ritually honor experiences of trauma and loss of power offering the energy of the past to a new purpose.

This project had its first working phase in NYC 2012. We have since performed and recorded in Grand Central station in NYC, abandoned buildings and piers destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn, the Sonoran Desert, and downtown Los Angeles. 

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